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Flaming Lips’ Song Official Rock Song of Oklahoma

The people of Oklahoma were invited to vote for an official rock song for the state. “Do You Realize??” by the Flaming Lips, who hail from Oklahoma, received the most votes. The House of Representatives attempted to reject the song, but Governor Brad Henry intends to honor the people’s choice and “sign an executive order Tuesday, April 28, naming the Flaming Lips song, ‘Do You Realize??,’ as the official rock song of Oklahoma.”


Governor Henry said, “The music of the Flaming Lips has earned Grammys, glowing critical acclaim and fans all over the world. A truly iconic rock ‘n’ roll band, they are proud ambassadors of their home state. They were clearly the people’s choice, and I intend to honor that vote.”

Information from the Governor’s website >>>


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  Houghton wrote @

Kudos to Governor Henry for approving the song anyway.

11,000 Oklahomans chose the song, and they should not have been punished because one perpetual adolescent (in this one of the band members) wore a symbol of death and destruction on his T-shirt as an ironically-hip fashion statement.

But can we also agree that it’s high time to stop treating communist symbols as cute? The hammer and sickle represents a boot stomping on collective humanity’s face. Tens of millions of innocents died at the hand of dehumanizing communist regimes.

The hammer and sickle is a hateful symbol. Let’s have the moral courage to call it what it is.

That said, I’m glad the Lips’ song is the new official state rock song of Oklahoma! It’s a great song!

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