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Foxx to Play Sinatra?

Ok, so just days after I posted that news about the Sinatra biopic by Scorsese, we find out that Jamie Foxx is being considered for the role of Sinatra, along with Harry Connick Jr. and of course since it’s a Scorsese picture, Leonardo DiCaprio. Unless this is going to be a high art film that is loosely based on Sinatra’s life, why are they considering Jamie Foxx? Not because he’s an incredibly artistic guy, but he doesn’t look anything like him. Yes, I’m saying this because of the color of his skin. But let’s think about this for a minute. This is not a race issue, it’s an everyday casting issue. When Sinatra’s most famous nickname specifically mentions the color of his eyes, it’s going to take an exceptional director to make it work…and I suppose with Scorsese on board, there is a glimmer of hope. I would be one of the first to cheer on an artistic risk in film, but this would be an extremely big risk. Sure, Foxx is a good actor, singer and performer and, as the article states, he has many similarities to Sinatra’s personality and character. Of course I’m not saying that he couldn’t act like Sinatra, but a huge portion of the audience would not be able to get past the color of his skin. Imagine Harry Connick Jr. in the role of Nat King Cole. He could sing and play piano like him, but the color of his skin would distract too many people and make it extremely difficult for them to take the movie seriously. This should be interesting…

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