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First Augmented Reality App for iPhone

image from fastcompany.com

image from fastcompany.com

Check this out! When these apps start appearing in iTunes, it’s going to transform the way we move around (well, not right away, but eventually it’ll revolutionize maps, navigation systems, and of course the internet and the way we build websites.)

From Fast Company:

It’s specifically for Parisians. But it’s arrived earlier than expected–weeks before Apple said it would be allowed. And by early, we mean it’s arrived in the App Store by stealth, snuck in as an added-feature in an update to an existing app–Metro Paris Subway.

What they’ve done is create a way for you to find the nearest station on the Paris Metro simply by holding up your phone and looking through the camera at the view in front of you. You can also hold it flat and use it as a walking-guide compass–much as we’ve seen demonstrated in other AR navigation apps before. This through-camera meta-tagged AR view of the world blends in data from the iPhone 3GS’s compass and accelerometer sensors.


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