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The Future of Augmented Reality Games

While looking for augmented reality applications for Android (the Google operating system for phones, such as the Hero), I stumbled across an article that included the following video. It’s a really cool step in the direction for gaming using simple hand-held devices such as phones. Perhaps game systems are going to get smaller and the games are going to be downloadable, like the iPhone apps. Of course the size of the games will be limited at the moment due to the capacity of the devices, but the future is always limitless, and there’s always the capability of connecting to the internet.

Anyway, the other thing that would hinder what you see in this video is that the map that they use would limit the scope of the game, keeping the player within only a few blocks. The game could switch maps, or the player could have different maps, but that would be kind of dorky. I think the idea is to move this kind of thing into the real world. Give the players a designated place to play the game (It would cause a lot of problems if players were running around downtown, getting in people’s way and getting hit by cars). I think this video is just showing the testing phase and the idea is still being developed. But how cool would it be to be able to move around and possibly walk around a designated park or field and hold or wear a device that places the zombies/enemy/apposing team into our very own world. It’s been dreamed about, but now that it’s actually happening, it’s pretty cool!


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