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The new AOL = Aol. What in the world does this mean?

AOL is relaunching its brand and “renaming” itself Aol. (the period is part of the name), but what does that mean? It sounds like a cool idea, but so far they’ve been identifying themselves with anything and everything. Pasting their name on objects and people. I have a feeling that they are attempting to communicate that they are for everyone and relevant to anything in life.

It’s kind of interesting because I was just thinking about AOL, excuse me, Aol. just last week and wondering what in the world ever happened to them. As far as I could tell, Aol.’s (boy that’s awkward) purpose has pretty much been wiped clean from our needs, serving very little purpose in our daily lives. Maybe I don’t know them well enough, but aren’t they just a boring version of Yahoo! and a non-innovative version of Google? So what’s their niche? What sets them apart from Yahoo! and Google? I guess, either I’m missing something, or they have a really really cool plan.

But judging from the pointless video campaign below, I don’t think they even know who they are…

Video found at FastCompany.com


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