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Google to quit China?

photo from NYTimes.com

From NYTimes:

Google’s declaration that it would stop cooperating with Chinese Internet censorship and consider shutting down its operations in the country ricocheted around the world Wednesday. But in China itself, the news was heavily censored

Some big Chinese news portals initially carried a short dispatch on Google’s announcement, but that account soon tumbled from the headlines, and later reports omitted Google’s references to “free speech” and “surveillance.”

Google linked its decision to sophisticated cyberattacks on its computer systems that it suspected originated in China and that were aimed, at least in part, at the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists.

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Creative website for Spencer Krug’s new EP

Spencer Krug of Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown and Swan Lake is releasing an EP under the name Moonface. Check out the simple, yet creative, website where you can download the EP for a simple donation amount of your own choosing. Not only that, you can also read a journal of his dreams by clicking on stars that fill the browser window, and you can submit a dream of your own for the “Dream Forum” that’s coming soon.

Aol. …maybe they know what they’re doing…

I just finished reading an article on Fast Company’s website.  I questioned AOL’s new branding strategy in a previous post, thinking that they were maybe going in too many directions while they attempt to reestablish their place in the fast-paced online world. Well, this article included some questions and answers from those responsible for this crazy new brand. Random images of everyday objects, people, plants and scenery behind the background-colored logo. Video ads of random moving images with the logo appearing as they pass by, not really explaining anything. But it’s about the feeling that it evokes, though I think they could have done better. After a while is just begins to all look the same, rather than giving the viewer the impression that Aol. is for everybody and everything.

But after reading this article, I’m starting to think that they may know what they’re doing. It’s not about grabbing the customer after single viewing of a commercial, but it’s about a longer term relationship that will develop as the customer interacts with the brand. They will give customer’s the opportunity to create their own personal logo, uploading their own photos and images. Customer’s will begin to interact and connect with the logo in a personal way. And it sounds like that’s just the beginning (I hope so, because that alone won’t grow into a long-term relationship). Will it work? Will it be effective? Who knows, but, if anything, they will end up pushing the boundaries in the way branding is done, giving more design opportunity to the customer. It’s the social networking age of branding, so why not move design in that direction as well?

Quote from the article:
“Wait. Has AOL just created the first completely user-contributed, 100% flexible, invisible logo? Where all that matters is what animates around it?”

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Bohemian Rhapsody by The Muppets

Well…what can I say?
See it for yourself…classic Muppets.
Thanks to Jeremy Larsen for the heads-up!

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Photo Project – American Soldier

The Denver Post put together this amazing website for a photo documentary following an American Soldier from high school graduation through his experience in the army in Iraq. Beautifully done, no matter what opinions you may have about the war.

From a Very Short List daily email:

For most of us, the realities of the Iraq war are limited to stark headlines and 30-second news clips. Occasionally, however, we get a bit more. Ian Fisher: American Soldier, a photo documentary by Denver Post photojournalist Craig Walker, offers a stark look into the enlisted life through the struggles of one (painfully young-looking) American soldier.

With more than 200 photographs divided into eight chapters, Walker’s series chronicles 27 months of Fisher’s life—beginning with his graduating high school in 2007 through his basic training, his time in Iraq and his eventual return home. The pictures are remarkable for their intimacy and detail—the harsh neon lighting of the recruitment office; the nervous recruits reciting the Oath of Enlistment; the cramped quarters of an armored Humvee; the broken Iraqi countryside.

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Pre-Makes on YouTube…very clever!

My friend Kaare sent me a link to three of these “pre-makes” by a guy on YouTube. He cuts and splices together scenes from old movies and TV shows and creates fake previews of more recent classics. Check out the Ghost Busters “pre-make” below. And if you like it, here’s a link to his YouTube playlist of all his other “pre-makes” >>>

MTV’s New Look


I just discovered a cool new company called Universal Everything. They are responsible for MTV’s new look and branding. They seem to have cleaned up the MTV’s scattered overwhelming brand. No one really knows what MTV is about anymore. Is it music, reality shows, random top 10 lists or videos? Who knows. It looks like Universal Everything is helping MTV clear up the confusion.

From Fastcompany.com:

What does it mean? Well, for one thing, it signifies a much more polished, coherent look for MTV, whose various bits of branding have often been excellent, but at the same time scattershot. But what’s more interesting is that the look is decidedly 2-D, with a cut and paste feel that looks lifted from punk rock zine’s of the 1980s. That’s different from the swirly embellishments of recent MTV history. And it’s a welcome relief.

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