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Google to quit China?

photo from NYTimes.com

From NYTimes:

Google’s declaration that it would stop cooperating with Chinese Internet censorship and consider shutting down its operations in the country ricocheted around the world Wednesday. But in China itself, the news was heavily censored

Some big Chinese news portals initially carried a short dispatch on Google’s announcement, but that account soon tumbled from the headlines, and later reports omitted Google’s references to “free speech” and “surveillance.”

Google linked its decision to sophisticated cyberattacks on its computer systems that it suspected originated in China and that were aimed, at least in part, at the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists.

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Robotic arm controlled by thoughts and has feeling

From Fastcompany.com

What if you could wire up your nervous system to a robotic hand so well that it actually felt like your own? Would you be a real-life cyborg or Six Million Dollar Man? Yup. It’s not only the future of prosthetic limbs. It’s the present. It was done last year.

See the video to the right in the Fetched Videos.

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The Future of Augmented Reality Games

While looking for augmented reality applications for Android (the Google operating system for phones, such as the Hero), I stumbled across an article that included the following video. It’s a really cool step in the direction for gaming using simple hand-held devices such as phones. Perhaps game systems are going to get smaller and the games are going to be downloadable, like the iPhone apps. Of course the size of the games will be limited at the moment due to the capacity of the devices, but the future is always limitless, and there’s always the capability of connecting to the internet.

Anyway, the other thing that would hinder what you see in this video is that the map that they use would limit the scope of the game, keeping the player within only a few blocks. The game could switch maps, or the player could have different maps, but that would be kind of dorky. I think the idea is to move this kind of thing into the real world. Give the players a designated place to play the game (It would cause a lot of problems if players were running around downtown, getting in people’s way and getting hit by cars). I think this video is just showing the testing phase and the idea is still being developed. But how cool would it be to be able to move around and possibly walk around a designated park or field and hold or wear a device that places the zombies/enemy/apposing team into our very own world. It’s been dreamed about, but now that it’s actually happening, it’s pretty cool!

First Augmented Reality App for iPhone

image from fastcompany.com

image from fastcompany.com

Check this out! When these apps start appearing in iTunes, it’s going to transform the way we move around (well, not right away, but eventually it’ll revolutionize maps, navigation systems, and of course the internet and the way we build websites.)

From Fast Company:

It’s specifically for Parisians. But it’s arrived earlier than expected–weeks before Apple said it would be allowed. And by early, we mean it’s arrived in the App Store by stealth, snuck in as an added-feature in an update to an existing app–Metro Paris Subway.

What they’ve done is create a way for you to find the nearest station on the Paris Metro simply by holding up your phone and looking through the camera at the view in front of you. You can also hold it flat and use it as a walking-guide compass–much as we’ve seen demonstrated in other AR navigation apps before. This through-camera meta-tagged AR view of the world blends in data from the iPhone 3GS’s compass and accelerometer sensors.

MJ’s Death Crashes Google


From Fastcompany.com

The news of Michael Jackson’s passing yesterday shocked the world, but perhaps none were as stunned as Google and Twitter. Upon rumors of the pop icon’s death in Los Angeles, fans flocked to the Web for confirmation, resulting in an avalanche of searches, Tweets, and page views that crashed Google and brought Twitter to a standstill as the number of Tweets per second doubled in an instant.

The tremendous volume of queries for the term “Michael Jackson” was interpreted by Google as an automated attack, triggering a collapse of the site that lasted for about half an hour. More than one-third of the top 100 Google searches among U.S. users were reportedly M.J.-related during the height of the frenzy.

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Apple and Verizon consider iPhone deal

Could it be? Could Apple actually be considering branching out a little bit more than they usually do? With other companies catching up and realizing that they need to stay innovative in order to keep up with Apple, I think Apple might be feeling their competition’s breath on their neck. Who knows, maybe there’s another reason, but it’s good news either way.

The New York-based telecom entered into “high-level” discussions with Apple management a few months ago, when CEO Steve Jobs was overseeing day-to-day business, these sources say. They declined to be named because they aren’t authorized to speak publicly.

Jobs is on medical leave until June, but the conversations are continuing, they say. Apple declined to comment on the specific question of whether it is talking to Verizon.

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The iWood 3B


You know those people. They have the iPhone and think they’re hot stuff, and everytime they get a new application they think they’re the coolest person on campus. They’ll inturupt a conversation to play with it. Everything goes back to the fact that they can do something or fix an issue with their iPhone. Well, you can be cool by saving money and the earth, while completely making a fool out of them!

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