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MTV’s New Look


I just discovered a cool new company called Universal Everything. They are responsible for MTV’s new look and branding. They seem to have cleaned up the MTV’s scattered overwhelming brand. No one really knows what MTV is about anymore. Is it music, reality shows, random top 10 lists or videos? Who knows. It looks like Universal Everything is helping MTV clear up the confusion.

From Fastcompany.com:

What does it mean? Well, for one thing, it signifies a much more polished, coherent look for MTV, whose various bits of branding have often been excellent, but at the same time scattershot. But what’s more interesting is that the look is decidedly 2-D, with a cut and paste feel that looks lifted from punk rock zine’s of the 1980s. That’s different from the swirly embellishments of recent MTV history. And it’s a welcome relief.

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Miss California vs. Perez Hilton: A Rational Response

Thank you, Ronald S. Martin, for writing this wonderful repsonse to the issue of Miss California’s kind response to Perez Hilton’s question about gay-marriage. Whether one agrees with the idea of gay-marriage or not, I have felt that Hilton’s reaction to Miss California’s answer has been both unfair and childish. I’m sure he would agree that we should all be allowed our own opinion on issues. That freedom has allowed Hilton to gossip-blog in the way that he does. So where’s that same right for Miss California? Anyway, here’s a rational, level-headed response to the whole fiasco.

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Thanks to Chad Larsen for the link!

Will Ferrell Vs. Wild

This should be interesting, if not at least slightly entertaining…
The [Discovery] channel said Wednesday that Ferrell and series host Grylls spent two days in Sweden’s mountains and glaciers for a “Man vs. Wild” special.

With Grylls as his guide, Ferrell rappelled down frozen waterfalls, scavenged for food in the forest _ including reindeer eyeballs _ and improvised snow shoes from saplings.

Ferrell said being part of “Man vs. Wild” was the “thrill of a lifetime.” In turn, Grylls said he did an amazing job in unforgiving conditions.

The episode is set to air in early June, coinciding with the release of Ferrell’s new comedy-adventure film “Land of the Lost.”

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Questions for Parks and Recreation

I’m assuming we’ve all asked the question, whether silently or out loud: “Is Parks and Recreation a female version of The Office, just in a new setting?”

Well, Paste Magazine has seven questions for the show.
Thursday saw the debut of NBC’s new comedy Parks and Recreation, starring Amy Poelher and Aziz Ansari as as a local government administrators every bit as ambitious and incompetent as one might expect from the likes of series creators Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, who adapted The Office for American audiences. Parks employs a similar mockumentary style, playing up humdrum moments and workaday minutia with expository interviews, steadicam field shots and pervasive awkwardness (which The Office does well) and already employing brazen silliness in lieu of plot and wide-eyed camera smirks in lieu of punchlines (which The Office increasingly does too much). Parks’ pedigree may well prove to be both its biggest asset and its biggest liability, but after only one episode (in which Knope takes on the arduous task of transforming an abandoned lot into a career-making community park, at the behest of a concerned citizen, played by Rashida Jones), it’s just too early to tell.

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Kanye West responds to Southpark episode

Last night’s South Park was pretty funny and Kanye West was the primary target, making him look like an ignorant arrogant self-centered jerk. And as we all know, Kanye wears his feelings on his shiny leather sleeve, and this is his response. He took it quite well…at least better than I thought he would.