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Sufjan Steven’s Forgotten Song About Sofia Coppola

From Asthmatic Kitty Records Blog:

What’s in a Name?
By Sufjan Stevens
Friday, April 24th, 2009

After a few years moving in and out of various towns, religious cults, faddish diets, etc., my parents finally sat me down and apologized for the weird name they gave me. “We were out of our minds!” they admitted. “We didn’t know what we were thinking!” To make up for it, they said, I could change my name to anything I wanted. Anything at all. Something familiar, normal, American, easy-to-spell, perhaps? It was totally up to me. What democracy! What fun! I scanned the possibilities: Benjamin, Jason, Derek, Chad. Endlessly delightful, perfectly ordinary candidates! I was given a week to decide, and a Webster’s dictionary.

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Kanye West responds to Southpark episode

Last night’s South Park was pretty funny and Kanye West was the primary target, making him look like an ignorant arrogant self-centered jerk. And as we all know, Kanye wears his feelings on his shiny leather sleeve, and this is his response. He took it quite well…at least better than I thought he would.