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McCartney, Dylan & Ringo? Sounds Good to Me…


Sounds like there are rumors that Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan are talking about collaborating…and Ringo Starr is interested in joining the project.

From Pastemagazine.com:
The three musicians—all of whom are in their late 60s—have shared stages before, but never created new music together like this. McCartney recently became interested in working with Dylan, and after Dylan reciprocated, the two decided to move forward with this project. Starr will play drums.

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Paste Magazine’s 50 Best Dylan Covers of All Time


Well, I guess it’s Bob Dylan day…
Paste magazine listed their opinion of the 50 best Bob Dylan covers of all time. Everyone from the Ramones to Sufjan Stevens to Norah Jones, and that’s just in the bottom ten of the list…

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Rolling Stone Remembers Past Dylan Coverage


With Bob Dylan gracing the cover of the newest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, rollingstone.com looks back at past Dylan coverage from interviews to covers. They have posted a bunch of quotes by Dylan on different areas of his life from performing live to his career and of course the Sixties.

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The website also shares 14 Rolling Stone covers of Bob Dylan all the way back to 1968!

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