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“Tank Man” – A 20th Anniversary Surprise

This famous photograph, along with three others has been circulating for twenty years. Now suddenly a fifth version has surfaced at the New York Times.


From NYTimes.com:
For 20 years the negatives rested in Mr. (Terril) Jones’ belongings, following him across the world throughout his career as a journalist. He contacted The New York Times after reading the accounts of the other four photographers in Wednesday’s Lens blog.

Mr. Jones’ angle on the historic encounter is vastly different from four other versions shot that day, taken at eye level moments before the tanks stopped at the feet of the lone protester. Wildly chaotic, a man ducks in the foreground, reacting from gunfire coming from the tanks. Another flashes a near-smile. Another pedals his bike, seemingly passive as the tanks rumble towards confrontation.

Here is the new photograph:

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The iWood 3B


You know those people. They have the iPhone and think they’re hot stuff, and everytime they get a new application they think they’re the coolest person on campus. They’ll inturupt a conversation to play with it. Everything goes back to the fact that they can do something or fix an issue with their iPhone. Well, you can be cool by saving money and the earth, while completely making a fool out of them!

The new iWood 3B >>>

India’s Moment in the U.S. Spotlight

What does this mean? Is it as simple as a foreshadowing of the U.S. is beginning it’s handover as a world leader to Asia? Is it merely because the Indian culture is being filtered through a western idealism? This author feels that it’s much more complicated than that. But he does point out some issues with the way the U.S. accepts other cultures. Is it only acceptable as long as it’s done “our way”? Can we not accept cultures as they are? Do we need Who Wants to Be A Millionaire as the central focus in order to accept a wonderfully moving story about life in India? Do we need a British actor to play Gandhi in order for us to welcome his story and shower it with awards? These are some difficult and possibly offensive questions that the author brings to the table as he studies the sudden attention that India is getting, mostly because of the incredible film Slumdog Millionaire by director Danny Boyle. There’s nothing wrong with the fact that we love the movie here in the U.S., but the question is “why now?” A slow and steady rise in the popularity of Bollywood over the last few years may have laid the groundwork, but is there something more complex going on? Maybe that’s just fine, but it’s always good to ask the question.

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