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Robotic arm controlled by thoughts and has feeling

From Fastcompany.com

What if you could wire up your nervous system to a robotic hand so well that it actually felt like your own? Would you be a real-life cyborg or Six Million Dollar Man? Yup. It’s not only the future of prosthetic limbs. It’s the present. It was done last year.

See the video to the right in the Fetched Videos.

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Returning Neighborhoods to Nature?

From Fastcompany.com:

Flint, Michigan, for, example, was once a thriving factory town with 79,000 locals employed by General Motors. Today it’s one of the poorest cities in the country with 20% unemployment and block after block of abandoned closed homes. The possibility of shrinking the city was raised some months ago at aRotary Club talk by acting mayor Michael Brown. It has since become a volatile issue in the mayoral campaign.


The plan has been backed by Dan Kildee (above), the treasurer of Genesee County, which includes Flint. The goal would be to create a smaller, more manageable city with improved services. If the plan is adopted the city would bulldoze entire neighborhoods–as much as 40 percent of its area–and return the land to nature.

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