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Pepsi Chooses Social Networking over Super Bowl Spot

Now THIS is a great idea! What a way to spend advertising money and get a lot of positive attention!!!

From Yahoo.com:

To Pepsi, and to companies around the world, the days when mass-market media is the sole vehicle to reach an audience are officially over. Instead of pouring millions of dollars into a Super Bowl commercial, Pepsi has started a social-media campaign to promote its “Pepsi Refresh” initiative. Pepsi plans to give away $20 million in grant money to fund projects in six categories: health, arts and culture, food and shelter, the planet, neighborhoods and education. People can go to the Pepsi website refresheverything.com – which can also be accessed through Facebook and Twitter – to both submit ideas and vote on others they find appealing.

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Incredible “Curtain Door” from India

Absolutely beautiful…that’s all I have to say…I don’t know what else to say. I guess I’m speechless!

From arplus.com:

“The Architectural Review’s Emerging Architecture Awards, sponsored by Ramboll and Austin-Smith:Lord, celebrates the best pieces of design by young architects from across the world.  The door alone to this diamond merchant’s residence in Surat, India, was judged enough to make it one of the four prize winners this year

At 5.2m high and 1.7m wide, the door is comprised of 40 sections of 254mm-thick Burma teak. Each section is carved so that the door integrates 160 pulleys, 80 ball bearings, a wire-rope and a counter weight hidden within the single pivot.

Stacked one above the other in the closed position, each plank can then rotate by a simple push causing the door to reconfigure into a sinusoidal curve.”

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Advertising…has it all been done? Ever thought of using flies? Yes, flies.

Found on www.bradruggles.com:

Want to stay on top of the newest trend in advertising these days? I have two words for you: branded insects.

A German book company, Eichborn, decided to create an advertising campaign for their booth at the 2009 Frankfurt Book Fair that, uh, flies in the face of convention (sorry, I’m a sucker for bad puns). Eichborn’s “smallest commercial gimmick in the world” campaign was simple: attach physical banner ads to actual flies. Yes, they somehow tied small red Eichborn banner ads to flies and let them loose in the Frankfurt Book Fair. The result was flying advertising that nobody could miss.