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Brian Eno interviewed by Pitchfork


Brian Eno is one of my heroes of the art world. He has produced some of my favorite albums from Talking Head’s “Remain in Light” to U2’s “The Joshua Tree” to David Bowie’s “Low.” Highly innovative and experimental, Eno breaks new ground wherever he walks. He also pushes the artists that he works with to think in new ways and use their talents to further the art of music.

Here’s a question and answer from the interview:

Pitchfork: In some ways, making something that’s both interesting and popular is the ultimate experiment.

Brian Eno: It’s surprisingly unrecognized. I find the same thing in all forms of art, things that are very popular. I think everyone’s inherently snobbish. Things that are very popular are not taken seriously, because the snobbish side of one says, “Well, if everyone likes it it can’t be that good.” Whereas if only I and a couple of other people like it, then it must be really something special.

One of the things I love about U2– and it’s one of the things that we’re constantly arguing about, the balance of this– is that they want to take everyone with them for the ride! [laughs] They don’t want to let anyone go at any point! I’m always saying, “Look, if you’re going to do something new, you’re going to lose a few supporters along the way.” And they really fight against that. They don’t want to do that. I honestly don’t think it’s greed. It’s not lust for money or lust for power. It’s the feeling that everybody’s got to be at the party: we’re not going to make it unapproachable to anybody.

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U2 Interview with Pitchork TV

Check out the Fetched Videos to see the Pitchfork TV interview with U2. It’s an interesting piece and U2 seems kind of defensive when it comes to describing their newest release No Line on the Horizon. I kind of wish they wouldn’t have done that since they are already considered by most as the greatest rock band in the world, but Pitchfork has been very hard on their past few releases.