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Questions for Parks and Recreation

I’m assuming we’ve all asked the question, whether silently or out loud: “Is Parks and Recreation a female version of The Office, just in a new setting?”

Well, Paste Magazine has seven questions for the show.
Thursday saw the debut of NBC’s new comedy Parks and Recreation, starring Amy Poelher and Aziz Ansari as as a local government administrators every bit as ambitious and incompetent as one might expect from the likes of series creators Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, who adapted The Office for American audiences. Parks employs a similar mockumentary style, playing up humdrum moments and workaday minutia with expository interviews, steadicam field shots and pervasive awkwardness (which The Office does well) and already employing brazen silliness in lieu of plot and wide-eyed camera smirks in lieu of punchlines (which The Office increasingly does too much). Parks’ pedigree may well prove to be both its biggest asset and its biggest liability, but after only one episode (in which Knope takes on the arduous task of transforming an abandoned lot into a career-making community park, at the behest of a concerned citizen, played by Rashida Jones), it’s just too early to tell.

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