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A look at U2’s “360” Stage

U2’s year-long concert tour is titled “360.” Whether the tour is named after the elaborate concert stage or there’s another reason behind the name, we can be sure that the stage will be getting the most attention. Judging from their history, we’re not surprised by an elaborate stage, but this stage is quite innovative.

From FastCompany.com:

Designed by architect Mark Fisher, it places the band on a circular stage smack in the middle of the audience. The stage has no front or back. Nor does it have the stacks of amplifiers that have been a rock concert fixture since the early days of the Grateful Dead. Instead, the speakers are embedded in four legs that support that rise 164 feet to support a cylindrical video screen.


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U2 Interview with Pitchork TV

Check out the Fetched Videos to see the Pitchfork TV interview with U2. It’s an interesting piece and U2 seems kind of defensive when it comes to describing their newest release No Line on the Horizon. I kind of wish they wouldn’t have done that since they are already considered by most as the greatest rock band in the world, but Pitchfork has been very hard on their past few releases.